The Kombutxa team is born as a result of the need of one of its founders to solve a health problem. Jordi Dalmauengineer, was diagnosed with Gilbert’s syndrome when he was 13 years old. After a long time taking care of your diet without positive results for your ailment, discover the world of fermented foods and its infinite virtues. On the recommendation of a healthcare professional, Jordi incorporates kombucha into his diet and manages to have control of the effects of the syndrome he suffers. Both positive effects are reported by its consumption, which bets on the production of more than this fermented tea. Mercè Pérez is your partner. Journalist and mother of a multi-allergenic son, reaches the fermented as a possible solution to the health problems of his family.

Together in 2015 they undertake the adventure of making Kombutxa, the first kombucha artisan, with totally natural ingredients, of first quality and ecological. The kombucha that they would like to find in stores when they began to consume it: ultra healthy and delicious. The goal is to open more perspective and continue the process by developing more fermented.



Gilbert’s Syndrome

Kombutxa Lab