Kombutxa is fermented tea. The first one elaborated, in an artisanal way, with water from the Pyrenees and 100% organic ingredients. This drink, sweet and sour at the same time, with natural carbonation, and with a thousand-year history, has many health benefits. Highly detoxifying, it is rich in probiotics that help digestion and absorption of nutrients, free the body of toxins, cleanse the digestive system and activate immunity. We currently produce Kombutxa in six varieties: Ginger (apple and ginger), Hibiscus (pomegranate and hibiscus), Flowers (grape and elderberry), Verbena (cucumber and lemon verbena), Green (basil and matcha) and PaleoBirra (Kombutxa and hops). In short, we will also market Isotonic (Kombutxa and seawater), an innovative drink designed to rehydrate, recover and remineralize after exercising. Kombutxa is an ideal and very healthy substitute for soft drinks that can be taken alone or accompanied by fruit and vegetable juices. It can also be the basis of conventional cocktails, which gives them a surprising flavor. natural carbonation amino acids enzymes low pH healthy yeasts detox probiotics antioxidants organic acids: -gluconic -acetic -lactic- sacaric

Kombutxa is packaged in recyclable glass and does not need to be cooled as we extend the fermentation process by more than a month.