Kombutxa team is motivated by the need for one of its members to solve a health problem. Jordi Dalmau, engineer, was diagnosed with Gilbert’s Syndrome at age 13. After years of taking care of his diet without clear results, he is enganged to the world of fermented food discovering the infinite virtues of probiotics. He starts making water kefir at home and on the recommendation of a health professional he incorporates kombucha to his diet, thereby controlling the effects of the syndrome suffered. He also prepares kombucha at home, and share it with friends, who also discover its benefits after consumption. At that time, he wants to produce fermented tea on a larger scale. He finds an experienced chemist and oenologist, Toni Sánchez-Ortiz, with experise in biodynamic winemaking and olive oil in Spain, the United States and New Zealand.
Mercè Pérezjournalist and Jordi’s couple is passionate about natural cuisine, local, organic and without cloaking. The multiple allergies of her son also lead her to the world of probiotics and gut health as a possible solution to the health problems of his family.
Together they embark on the adventure of making Kombutxa the first craft kombucha produced with water from the Pyrenees and organic ingredients. The goal, however, is more open perspective and continue developing more fermented foods.